Friday, January 8, 2016

Breaking Radio Silence

Hello and happy New Year! I hope 2016 has been treating you well. If not, we only have 358-ish days left of it to endure.

As for me...Well, I'm here. And I'm not here. The truth is, running two blogs, writing, and social networking is le difficult. Oui. Ouchie.

Not to mention that fact that WordPress is oh so much shinier. (Can I say that here? I mean, I can. I did. But MAY I?)

Writing is...going on. Yup. I am a little off-schedule to meet my goal of 100,000 words by the end of the year, but I still have time ;)

Well, must dash. Lots of things to do before I hit the hay at 5:30 AM. Yes, I am ridiculously tired, but you digress. Lots to do. Like stare at Twitter until I think of something clever to say. Oy vey. Wish me luck, Chuck.

Keep your pen on the page,

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