Friday, May 8, 2015

Getting to Know...Me

Name: Beth Overmyer

So, I've been getting rather personal on the blog lately, haven't I? Perhaps I've made a few of you uncomfortable. I know I've been uncomfortable, but some things shouldn't be allowed to grow in the dark. Some things need to be yanked into the light. To be, well, the light, to warmth, to growth.

Memoir Mondays will probably continue, but please realize that they're focusing on just one facet of me. We all are three-dimensional beings. I am not all darkness and gloom. OCD and depression may have once ruled my life--and, granted, they still hog a lot of it--but that is not all of me, you know?

This post isn't meant to be defensive, because no one has attacked me or hurt my feelings. I don't expect them to. In fact, it's been quite the opposite. I've seen some very kind support from a couple of people I only know through the web.

What this post is meant to be is a warning. If I'm dragging you down with Memoir Mondays, and I've read and commented on your blog, don't feel like you need to reciprocate on Monday posts. (Don't feel like I'm ever pressuring you to do anything you don't want to do.) I understand that some things make people uncomfortable, and I respect that. Please, please, PLEASE: if these posts disturb you, don't read.

If I cross a line, I'm sorry. I will try to be sensitive.

On a lighter note, I'm rereading/editing some of my MG project, and I must say this: I actually like it again! So huzzah!

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