Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Favorite Things: Recommendations

Here are some products I've tried recently that I've really enjoyed/thought well of:

1. Kaspersky Internet Security - I've been using Kaspersky for several years now. Haven't had to take the computer into the shop even once.

2. The Republic of Tea's Downton Abbey Tea, English Rose - You really can't taste much of the rose. It's more of a freshly-picked red raspberry taste. Very scrummy!

3. Canon PowerShot A220 - Disclaimer: the exposure time on this thing is TERRIBLE (really, you can only use it for still life because it take forever to snap the photograph.) However, the video cam part is surprisingly non-crappy for a a cheap-o camera.

4. The 100 (television series): Season One - I haven't finished the first season, but it is soooo interesting. See Amazon for a blurb, 'cause I'm too tired to write one right now.

5. Yogi Tea's Slim Life - It's a green tea with a mild blueberry flavor. Not only a good appetite suppressant, it's a wonderful energy booster!
Have YOU tried anything lately that you just can't keep to yourself?

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