Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Books I WANT to Read in the New Year

In no particular order, here is the list:

1. Shadow of the Unicorn
2. The Hundred-Foot Journey
3. My Sister's Reaper
4. Godland
5. Book 2 of the Mistborn trilogy
6. Book 3 of the Mistborn trilogy
7. Dorothy Must Die
8. Misery
9. Little Dorrit
19. The Giver
20. The Great Gatsby
21. Uglies
22. Dead Poets Society
23. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
24. Jurassic Park
25. Fight Club
26. Schindler's List
27. The Bourne Identity
28. Life of Pi
29. The Devil Wears Prada
30. Inkheart
31. Finding Alaska
32. Paper Towns
33. Anna and the French Kiss
34. The Paris Wife
35. Across the Universe
36. Hidden in Paris
37. Cuckoo's Calling
38. The Mists of Avalon
39. This Weakness for You
40. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

I would LIKE to finish reading:

1. Emma
2. Bleakhouse
3. Shatter Me
4. Mistborn (book 1)
5. The Once and Future King

What's on your TBR (to be read) pile?


  1. That's quite the list, Beth! You think you can manage 50 books in a year? It's about a book a week. ;-) I know I can't read all those...I spend most of my free time reading (editing) my own books! :-( You got some titles I've never heard of, and some I've already read:

    - Misery - Read it way too young (9 or 10). It was okay but I found it a bit repetitive and not at all spooky.

    - The Giver - Childhood CLASSIC along with A Wrinkle in Time. ;-) Just the ending disappointed me.

    - Jurassic Park - Also read it way too young, when the movie came out, so I was 9 or 10. I liked it. There are several differences from the movie which I enjoyed.

    - Life of Pi - Read it a few years back. The beginning was bring (too much "God talk") but once the drama started I couldn't put it down.

    I wonder what YOU will think of these books!

    My own TBR list: On Writing by Stephen King (bought it a couple years ago and never read it), The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss (I abandoned it halfway through and would like to finish someday), Johannes Cabal the Detective (also abandoned halfway through...).

    Basically, nothing new. :-( I just want to tie up loose ends.

  2. Hey, Nadine! Yeah, every year I make it a goal to read 100 books. I usually end up around twenty books finished and several more started. Madness, yes. Maybe I should lower that goal...

    Like your list! Happy reading :D

  3. One hundred books in a year is madness. I don't think it'll give you time to enjoy them! Even fifty books in a year sounds like a bit too much, depending on how long the books are... Twenty a year is about one every 2.5 weeks, which sounds more reasonable! ;-)

    Do you buy them all or take them out of the library?

  4. Nadine,
    Yes, one-hundred is MADNESS. I guess I sort of have a herd mentality when it comes to reading, if that makes sense. Like, “So and so reads THREE books a week. Surely I can manage one.” Ugh. I need to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. I’m a Smith. I read slowly, and that’s okay.
    Yes, twenty is far more reasonable 
    I buy a few of the books (some are e-books, so are cheaper or free), a few are from the library, and a few are from OverDrive. What about you?