Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Science Freak: A Wish List Post

Thought I'd abandoned you? Not a chance. Here are some more ideas to help you shop for the loved or tolerated ones in your life:

The Science Freak
Not sure what to get the mad scientist in your life? Read on:

1. ThinkGeek gift certificate - Spend some time on this site and you'll see why this made the list. So many fun things for the "geek" in your life.

2. Noble Gases T-shirt - This t-shirt is hilarious (to me, at least.) The link I gave you shows the women's tee, but there's a men's one as well. Starting at $18.99 (as of 9/7/2014) on Amazon.

3. Star Wars Light-Up Chopsticks - These sound fun, but might be hard to actually eat with (according to at least one reviewer.) More of a novelty...but an awesome one! Available from ThinkGeek for $14.99 (as of 9/7/14.)

Are you a scientist? Have any gift suggestions?

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