Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jane Austen Fan (Austenite) Gift List

Christmas is now less than two months away. Here's a list of gift ideas for the Jane Austen fanatic in your life:

1. Jane Austen Tea - Jane Austen-themed bags of tea. Sounds scrummy! Starting at $14.95 from Bingley's Tea Limited (as of 9/11/14.)

2. The Complete Works of Jane Austen - Pretty self-explanatory. Hardback edition available from Barnes and Noble for $28.39 (as of 9/11/14.)

3. Jane Austen Note Cards - Not sure how many cards are included, but they depict different scenes from Austen's books (at least Pride and Prejudice.) $10.08 from Amazon (as of 9/11/14.)

4. The Pemberley Shoppe! Check out this site for all sorts of cool Jane Austen gifts.


  1. I think any of those would be nice gifts to get. The last link wouldn't work for me. Said not found when I clicked on it.

  2. @Susanne – Huh. Weird. I will have to see if can fix that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!