Thursday, September 25, 2014

Remain Calm!

Do not even think about panicking. Everything is under control. I'm here to help you and guide you through this. But you might want to sit down.

Are you sitting? Good.


Still calm? No?

If you're like me, you started your Christmas shopping back in January...or not. BUT! before you start throwing rotten looks (or fruit) at me, remember what I said: I'm here to help. That's why, starting today, I will post gift ideas every shopping week until Christmas come.

There should be something for every person in your life in these lists--and not all of them will be books. Let's get started, shall we?

The Writer's Wishlist
Have a writer in your life? Here are some things he or she will adore!

1. Aqua Notes - Waterproof notepad (40 sheets) with a pencil and pencil holder. A handy-dandy tool for those shower moments when you have a writing idea, but you're all lathered up. $7.85 (as of 9/7/14) at Amazon. (Note: A helpful user suggested not tearing off pages until they are dry.)

2. Platform by Michael Hyatt - A book about being heard in this noisy world. A great idea for a published (or aspiring to be published) writer. It's just a myth that authors don't have to promote their work somehow. $14.90 (as of 9/7/14) from Barnes and Noble.

3. Penguin Mints - These caffeinated mints are great for that writer in your life who's prone to pulling all-nighters. Plus, the candies are quite tasty... $3.99 for a single tin (as of 9/7/14) from ThinkGeek.

4. A Panera Gift Card - The restaurant has great food and (usually) a peaceful atmosphere, the perfect place for a writer to take their laptop (or stone and chisel) for a few hours. Gift cards can be purchased online, at the restaurant itself, or at participating stores (some Kohl's stores sell these year round.)

Are you excited for the holiday season? Terrified? Ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving but don't even want to THINK about the winter holidays?


  1. Only 3 months left? Where has the year gone? Usually I've made a big dent in the Christmas shopping by now. Haven't really done anything this year. I guess I better get busy.

  2. It's crazy, isn't it? Time flew by way too fast.