Saturday, September 27, 2014

Elixir Bound (YA fantasy) by Katie L. Carroll

Katora Kase is next in line to take over as guardian to a secret and powerful healing Elixir. Now she must journey into the wilds of Faway Forest to find the ingredient that gives the Elixir its potency. Even though she has her sister and brother, an old family friend, and the handsome son of a mapmaker as companions, she feels alone.

It is her decision alone whether or not to bind herself to the Elixir to serve and protect it until it chooses a new guardian. The forest hosts many dangers, including wicked beings that will stop at nothing to gain power, but the biggest danger Katora may face is whether or not to open up her heart to love.

Ebook on sale for $.99 until September 27:

Signed paperback giveaway on Goodreads until September 28:

About the Author:

Katie L. Carroll began writing at a very sad time in her life after her 16-year-old sister, Kylene, unexpectedly passed away. Since then writing has taken her to many wonderful places, real and imagined. She wrote ELIXIR BOUND and the forthcoming ELIXIR SAVED so Kylene could live on in the pages of a book. Katie is also the author of the picture app THE BEDTIME KNIGHT and an editor for MuseItUp Publishing. She lives not too far from the beach in a small Connecticut city with her husband and son. For more about Katie, visit her website at and follow her on Twitter (@KatieLCarroll) or Tumblr.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Remain Calm!

Do not even think about panicking. Everything is under control. I'm here to help you and guide you through this. But you might want to sit down.

Are you sitting? Good.


Still calm? No?

If you're like me, you started your Christmas shopping back in January...or not. BUT! before you start throwing rotten looks (or fruit) at me, remember what I said: I'm here to help. That's why, starting today, I will post gift ideas every shopping week until Christmas come.

There should be something for every person in your life in these lists--and not all of them will be books. Let's get started, shall we?

The Writer's Wishlist
Have a writer in your life? Here are some things he or she will adore!

1. Aqua Notes - Waterproof notepad (40 sheets) with a pencil and pencil holder. A handy-dandy tool for those shower moments when you have a writing idea, but you're all lathered up. $7.85 (as of 9/7/14) at Amazon. (Note: A helpful user suggested not tearing off pages until they are dry.)

2. Platform by Michael Hyatt - A book about being heard in this noisy world. A great idea for a published (or aspiring to be published) writer. It's just a myth that authors don't have to promote their work somehow. $14.90 (as of 9/7/14) from Barnes and Noble.

3. Penguin Mints - These caffeinated mints are great for that writer in your life who's prone to pulling all-nighters. Plus, the candies are quite tasty... $3.99 for a single tin (as of 9/7/14) from ThinkGeek.

4. A Panera Gift Card - The restaurant has great food and (usually) a peaceful atmosphere, the perfect place for a writer to take their laptop (or stone and chisel) for a few hours. Gift cards can be purchased online, at the restaurant itself, or at participating stores (some Kohl's stores sell these year round.)

Are you excited for the holiday season? Terrified? Ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving but don't even want to THINK about the winter holidays?

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Today's DONE list:

- Colored (see ME get my artist on!)
- Cleaned up after the cats ('cause the bums are lazy...and don't have thumbs)
- Listened to French music (oui or whatever)
- KP Duty
- Got up at the butt crack of dawn...actually, it was earlier than that. It was like, the mid-back of dawn...four in the morning.

*is punchy* *is running on caffeine fumes* *should probably not hit "publish"* *hits "publish" anyway*

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another PSA

       Mel works at Global Associates. Over the years, she’s received many letters from John Jacobs Senior, the building’s owner. John Jacobs Junior has also sent letters. In fact, he’s visited the building, but Mel has never seen more than news coverage of it. “He could be anybody,” she’s always says. “There’s no proof that he’s John Jacobs Junior, or that there is a John Jacobs Junior…or Senior for that matter.” Many times, she’s heard of a package down in the mail room for her from the Jacobses. Everyone has been offered an identical parcel, and Mel knows what’s in it: a key to the Jacobs’ penthouse…if there is such a thing. You see, Mel never sees beyond the office, and has never bothered to accept the gift she hardly believes is real.

                Then there’s Dave. Like Mel, he’s heard of John Jacobs Senior and Junior and has received many letters. He believes that the Jacobses exist and that the penthouse is the real deal. And while he realizes it’s there, he doesn’t believe in the key. Instead, he insists that his own set of keys can and will open the door. He believes that anyone’s own key will fit and open the front gate.

                Brittany doesn’t believe in the Jacobses, the penthouse, or the key. She believes there is Global Associates, her life, and that is it.

                Tony, on the other hand, hasn’t met Jacobs Jr., but they’ve been corresponding. See, they’re friends now because John Jacobs Junior gave him the key to his dad’s penthouse. Tony hasn’t gone yet, but he knows that when he gets there, the gate will open.

Carrie has never heard of the Jacobses, though she works in their building and there are pictures of them everywhere. At this moment, someone is on their way over to tell her about the Jacobses and the key.

You see, Jesus is God the Son, and God the Father sent him down to die and come back to life (as a sacrifice), so that we might have the gift of forgiveness…a free pardon…a key to heaven. You can believe the key exists. But believing in the key without accepting it won’t open Heaven’s gates. You can believe that any old key will open the Gates. But any old key won’t. You can go on not believing in the gift. But when you get to the Gates, you will be shown away. But hopefully you have accepted the free gift of salvation through Christ Jesus.

“For the wages of sin is death. But the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.”

“For if you confess with your mouth that Christ Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

That’s the key. As for those who haven’t heard…are YOU going to tell them about this free gift?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You're Not Funny: A PSA

We all like to tell jokes, be funny, make someone laugh. But people (myself included, for sure) need to be careful when it comes to humor.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a topic near to my heart. I was officially diagnosed with the disorder about ten years ago, but it really started when I was only eight (around twenty-two years ago.) It's been true mental anguish, dealing with OCD. So... 

OCD + humor = A real turn-off (to me, at least)

Sometimes, yes, laughing about a problem can make it seem lighter. But when an OCD joke comes out of the mouth of someone who doesn't suffer from the disorder, it just comes across as callused. I like to be taken seriously. I can laugh at my problems, but unless I invite you to laugh about them with me, I suggest holding off.

We don't get to choose what makes people laugh, but we do get to choose what jokes we tell.

Thanks for reading and for understanding,

I'm far form perfect. I've slipped and made some hurtful remarks before.

What's your opinion? Am I being too PC? Do you relate? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

If It'd Been Left to Me: Literary Edition

WARNING: Potential spoilers for Jane Eyre, The Lord of the Rings, And Then There Were None (Ten Little Soldiers)

You have been warned!

Reader, I murdered him. The End - Jane Eyre

"Dear Frodo," wrote Gandalf, "if I should fall, ride the giant birds that rhyme with beagle, there's a good fellow." - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

"I insist that we each take every victim's pulse, Dr. Armstrong!" Emily said. "One cannot be too careful." - And Then There Were None

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Guest Post: Penny Estelle

September 13, 2014, marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Fort McHenry and the writing of what would eventually become the United States’ national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. 

But once again, historians have left out some important information.  Sammy (Samantha) Brown, a 7th grader in Miss Wickware’s history class, played a key role in the whole process.  Without her, Mr. Key may have never been on the boat that gave him a bird’s eye view of the whole battle which prompted the famous poet to….maybe you just have to read the story yourself.

Bumped Back In Time Book 4 of The Wickware Sagas.  Take a look at

A full moon lit up the bedroom.  Sammy lay on the feather mattress in the dark, staring at the ceiling.  The window was wide open, a breeze stirring the curtains, though it did nothing to take away the mugginess of the night air.  The nightgown Sarah had given Sammy was drenched with sweat and it stuck to her like a second skin.

She got up and walked to the balcony.  Dr. Beanes had been right about his wife.  Sarah had sat Sammy down and got her a bowl of left over wild turkey and boiled sweet potatoes, which she inhaled.

The older woman tisked her tongue and her head shook in sympathy, distressed at the poor girl’s story.  “Your mother must be worried beyond belief,” Sarah said.

“Oh, I’m sure she’s freaking out all over the place,” Sammy snorted.  “And like she’ll ever buy this story!”

“I don’t understand.  You write stories to sell to your freakish mother?”

Sammy had to chuckle at that one. “No.  She’s just going to kill me.”

Outraged, the woman came to her feet.  “She will do no such thing.  William will make sure that you are safe!”

Staring into the night, Sammy smiled at the memory.  She had assured Sarah it was only a saying, but the woman did not seem convinced.

The sound of horses, riding up to the Beanes’ home, brought Sammy out of her reverie.  At least ten men, all in red coats, jumped off their horses and headed toward the house.            
A serving girl tapped on Sammy’s door before opening it.  “Please ma’am, Mistress Beanes would like you to come to her room, quickly.”  She turned to lead the way without waiting for a reply, Sammy, hurrying to catch up.

The scene that greeted Sammy when the bedroom opened had the hairs on the back of her neck, not only standing straight out at attention, but screaming “run…hide…wake up!”  Goose bumps broke out on her sweaty body.

Dr. Beanes was sitting on a chair putting on his shoes while Sarah was wringing her hands and pale as the snow-white nightgown she was wearing.

Before Sammy could utter a word a BANG BANG BANG came from the door downstairs and that’s when all hell broke loose!

* * * *

Thanks to everybody for stopping by to take a look.  Bumped Back in Time is the fourth story in the Wickware Sagas.  There are five all together.

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare
Ride of a Lifetime
Flash to the Past
Bumped Back in Time
Riches to Rags

These are all short, time travel adventures involving seventh graders in Miss Wickware’s history class.  They must draw a name from a box and do an oral report.  SOMEHOW, they end up back in time to get up close and personal with their drawn subject!

I also have a printed version of the Wickware Sagas.  This can be found at

 Due to the 200th anniversary of The Star Spangled Banner, MuseItUp is offering Bumped Back in Time for 99 cents for the first two weeks in September.  Check it out at