Thursday, May 22, 2014

When I Grow up...

When I was young-er, I didn't know that I was going to be a writer. Some of the occupations I had in mind:

- Artist. I loved to draw - sometimes - but, well...

- Singer. I loved to sing, but...NO! I am not going to post a sound clip. I will not insult thine ears. (No modesty, but gospel truth: I can usually carry a tune. In a bucket. A rusty, dinged up, holey bucket.)

- Veterinarian. I loved (and still do love) animals, but math and science were not my strengths in school.

- Actress. I hate acting. Always have. For some odd reason, I kept telling myself that I loved it...or at least should love it.

At fifteen (maybe sixteen), I thought I was going write and publish poetry. But then there was and is a slight hurdle: I have a genetic flaw that ALLOWS ME TO READ YOUR MIND!

Still awake? Good.

Seriously, I can't hear stressed syllables. O_O I know: that's a slight problem. Yes, yes, there is free verse, but...

Anyway, fiction writing. My first "novel" was written when I was around twelve years old. My second one was started at age sixteen. It wasn't anything serious. I was just messing around.

I became more serious around age twenty. There were hints along this way that this was what I wanted and was able to do, such as encouragement from teachers, librarians, friends.

There was one teacher, two if I'm being honest, who really nudged me toward this path. They weren't English or creative writing teachers. A science teacher. A religion teacher. 

They planted the seeds. God and time grew my love for the craft.

And here I am.
What led you to the path you're on today? 

For those still in school: have fun, don't quit, and have a wonderful summer! Check this blog often, and scroll down for two creative contests.



  1. Like you, I wrote my first novel in grade six. I started writing a few novels in high school but never finished. Then when I was 46, I began writing in earnest after my father died. Becoming an author was the surprise of my life.

  2. @Suzanne - A pleasant surprise :)

  3. Beth, thanks for the laughs,and keep on writing!

  4. @LR S - Ha! You're welcome, and thank you...I shall keep writing :)