Friday, January 31, 2014

Ask Not...

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

or maybe...

"Ask not what your blog can do for you, but what your blog can do for your community."

So, my question: What can I do for you? Would you like a shout-out for your book? A hello? A critique? Come and knock on my door! I'd love to help you in any way I can.

Can't think of anything you need or want? Well, here's a list of ideas:

- Interviews (I can interview about your book or your hobbies - though, warning, I'm skittish around erotica and most horror)
- Cover reveals
- Critiques of first paragraphs
- Web research (if you need help finding an answer, ask me. I love doing research for people)
- A knock-knock joke
- An anecdote
- A book review
- Links to helpful blogs
- Link to your blog
- Etc., etc., etc.

Ever need to get a hold of me? I check my blog for comments daily...or you can email


ETA - Check out this HILARIOUS review of Mansfield Park: CLICKY! (WARNING: there is some language.)


  1. Wellllll, since you've asked to be asked:

    I noticed that you have Mansfield Park on your "To Be Read" list. How about sharing my Over the top Blog post on that very subject?

  2. That post is a bit more of a rant than I remember, plus the video, while funny, does have one instance of the "F" word -- so I won't be surprised if you take the comment off. (No problem.) Sorry if it was inappropriate for your readers!

  3. @Lindy - I'll link to it and post a warning :)

  4. I haven't forgotten you, Beth. When is your next book coming out?

  5. Hey, Suzanne! I just finished the first draft of a middle grade novel. So, yeah, nothing for awhile :)

  6. Your offer is just too tempting, Beth! I would ask for everything if I dared. An interview or a review for either my historical romances published by MuseitUp Publishing would be great. A knock-knock joke would be good too! I'll email you. Thank you for offering.

  7. @Marie - LOL! Ask away. I'll be looking for your email.

  8. I'd really appreciate it if you could go to my book's page on GR and vote for it on some of the Listopia lists it's on (link to lists halfway down the page).

    I'm happy to send you a copy of my novel, if YA Horror appeals to you. Write me at laura.6eg(at) and let me know what format you want. Just for fun. No obligation to review. :)

  9. Hey, Lexie! I don't vote for books I haven't read yet (personal thing), but I added it to me to-be-read list on Goodreads. Let me know if there's anything else I can do :)

  10. Cool idea. A shout out about my book Or an interview would be greately appreciated.

  11. Oh Beth, you're awesome! I'd love to visit your blog some time, either on my own (touting my YA paranormal romance Dream Shade), or with my bro/co-author (we write paranormals mysteries for grown-ups and have a paranormal MG that will be out later this year). We'd also love it if you would guest on our blog, hopefully with knock-knock jokes and anecdotes. In fact, that might be the post title. :)

  12. Thanks for that link! Hey, I'm a Jane Austen loyal, but I totally agree with the "eww" factor on the romance between first cousins (Fanny and Edmund). I didn't even enjoy the movies.
    Your blog looks like a fun place to hang out at!

  13. @Antje - How about an interview? Go ahead and email so I have your address, then I'll come up with some questions :)

    @Heather - An interview will work great. How about just you and your YA book?

    LR S - Wasn't that a fun review?