Friday, November 29, 2013

Blog Hop

Thank you, Marsha R. West, for tagging me! Here is the Q and A:

Q: What are you working on right now?

A: I have an idea file of exactly sixty projects. Right now I'm working on re-writing another middle grade adventure, and a YA fantastical romance. (I'm too fond of the titles to share yet!)
Q: How does it differ from other works in its genre?

A: The MG book differs from most other books in that it doesn't skirt around or sugar coat the subject matter, which is mental illness. As for the YA fantasy, I'm not in far enough to know yet.
Q: Why do you write what you do?

A: I write what I like to write and what I like to read. I don't write to trends. I say "Write for yourself, edit for others." That's how I try to get by.
Q: How does your writing process work?

A: I come up with the idea, which usually hits me over the head at strange moments, then flesh it out. Once I've let it stew for awhile, I try it out on paper.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Overmyer kitchen...

(These were just from tonight)

...and our cold front porch/impromptu fridge:

Wishing you and yours a day full of family/friends, good food, and gratitude for the One who provides all good things.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ewww! Squeamish Stomachs Beware!

I was just watching the latest episode of Survivor, and was totally grossed out by the first challenge. I don't want to post spoilers, but last week's "scenes from our next episode" gave away the fact that there was an eating competition.

For those of you who've never watched the show, "eating competitions" aren't about scarfing down hot dogs. What they devoured were "native delicacies." Stuff that would make people like me barf. Then I thought, what are the grossest things I've eaten?

In my book In a Pickle, Charlie Pickle loves sausage patties and links. Fun fact: I cannot abide pork products. Why Charlie favors them, I do not know. But that is not by FAR the grossest thing I've eaten.

Right before my senior year of high school ended, I played my youth group's version of the show...Survivor: Trinity (I was out third.) There was no gross eating contest, but to prove that I was real Survivor material--and being one to get a laugh--I ate a green (hairless and harmless) caterpillar. Gross, but not the grossest.

My grandma is one of the world's best cooks. But she likes to fry up a certain canned ham. Before I was adverse to pork, I gave it a whirl. Pretty close to the grossest thing, but I would eat that over a few other items.

Peppercorns. I HATE BLACK PEPPER! Sure, I like a little ground in a dish where you only get the heat not the flavor. But the stuff is NASTY. Make me choose between canned ham and a peppercorn...and I'll probably ask to be excused from the table.

Sardine-flavored jelly beans tasted AWFUL. I know you want to go to Hogwarts, but that doesn't mean you want to take a "risk with every mouthful."

Smoked salmon. Fishies under the sea should stay under the sea. Especially salmon, and especially when it's smoked. Worst taste EVER.

For the record: The most disgusting "food" of mine is not liver, brain, kidney, any intestines or organs, really. No. The grossest thing I've eaten: Bones. In my soup. Yeah. I won't say who made the soup of death or where I had it, but I was forced to swallow tiny bones that were large enough to make me gag and could've broken my teeth.

All of these things are/were DISGUSTING. And, for the record, I've eaten grass.

What's the grossest thing you've put in your mouth, chewed, and swallowed?