Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Life of a Scarf (WARNING: Violence/Horror)

Too many times.

Too many times I've been gifted. Everyone wears me, uses me and then puts me away when the fine weather sets in. I've been paired with blue jeans, slinky black dresses, a red bridesmaid gown and...I feel so used. I am beautiful. I deserve better than bouncing around from person to person. I deserve respect and a permanent home.

This year's mistress, a woman in her late twenties, dons me and says to her reflection, "This should be good for the charity store."

"No!" I try to scream, only I have no mouth.

She can't do this to me!

As my mistress starts to unwind me from around her alabaster throat, I tighten, curl around her like a snake.

She gasps, trying to force me away as her breathing comes out, rasping.

Tighter and tighter.

She stumbles  into her closet door, pounding with her fists, hoping that someone might come to her aid. She flails and she digs  into me with her nails.

I continue to wind and wind until my mistress slumps to the floor. Cold, breathless, DEAD.

Then it occurs to me: "Now I'm on sale for sure."

What have I done?

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amy Laurens' Cover Reveal for To Dust

Ready for the shininess? Here 'tis:

Blurb: Containing four previously-published and three brand-new short stories, To Dust is a YA anthology featuring mostly fantasy and speculative fiction.

Stories included:

To Dust
The maliche are devouring Imber’s world, and the only tool she has to stop them is a magic box. Shame the only ones who can work the magic are the terrifying fae in their forest home…
- Certified
Anna is a Raiser, able to raise from the dead anyone she doesn’t know. So what can she do when her best friend murders her boyfriend? Everyday Weirdness, 5 July 2010.
- Interchange
When the man sitting next to her on the bus begins to cry, Ella is horrified. What can be wrong? TeenAge Magazine, September 2009.
- Not Fantasy
Beth knows that the fairy world exists; her best friends are a pink tortoise and a talking pen, after all. Her creative writing professor strongly disagrees – perhaps too strongly, Beth thinks, when strange cracks start appearing in his office.
- Shoe
Would you take home the pair-less shoe? AlienSkin Magazine, December 2009.
- The Wasporcist
Everyone thinks she’s mad when she complains about the noise – but Lily knows the buzzing in her ears is more than her imagination. Time to call the Wasporcist…
- Sea Foam and Blood
Terminally-ill Adelaide finds an unexpected cure in the Pegasus myth come to life. Moon Drenched Fables, June 2009 (Best in Issue).
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