Saturday, September 14, 2013

(Unedited) Writing Exercise Results 2.0

I lost my mind somewhere on the road back there. We searched high, we searched low. Back and forth, deep down in the dark tunnels of the world, with all its creepy, crawling pieces of flesh-devouring worms. Perhaps my mind was consumed by one of them. "Have you seen my brain?" I asked one of the largest worms, whom I thought might be their king.

It squirmed and it writhed like a leaf on the wind, but it wouldn't answer, so I moved on again. To the next fattest worm I did go. "Have you seen my brain?"

It wended and writhed like a boat caught on the rapids, but it did not answer me.

So I moved onto the third fattest worm, fast losing hope of ever seeing my mind again.

"Please say you've seen my brain!" I wailed.

This worm considered me for some time...before saying, "Wake up."
^ Freewriting for 5-10 minutes

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