Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random Fact Time

From all the research I've mentioned doing, you should've known I couldn't keep it all to myself! For those interested (and those not) I present, in no particular order...


1. You've always heard that only nobility wore crimson in medieval times, right? "What was so special about the color red?" you ask. Good question, Watson. It's simple: Crimson was a type of fabric. It usually came in three different colors: Green, blue(or was it brown?), and white.

2. In all the movies, you see King Arthur riding off to battle on horseback, feet secure in his noble steed's stirrups. Lovely picture, no? There's just one big problem: Stirrups most likely didn't make it to Europe until the 8th or 9th century. King Arthur's supposed reign took place from 6th to 7th century England. That means a lot of battles on foot (can you imagine riding without security, a heavy shield in hand and a none-too-light sword at your side?)

3. Forget early medieval pottery. Early attempts were...sad. Well, what would you did if you didn't have a potter's wheel and didn't have the fuel or kiln to fire the clay at a high enough temperature? Most tableware of the early middle ages were most likely made of wood.

4. Like tableware, most furniture and buildings were probably wooden in the 6th and 7th centuries. Not much has survived, seeing as wood decays and breaks down naturally in soil. Mostly what we have to go on are documents and art from that time.

5. Candles in the middle ages were made of tallow (animal fat.) It stunk! But if you were starving, well, it's better to eat than to have light, am I right?
They say you're always learning something new. What did YOU learn this past week? 

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  1. Head-->Desk

    Apparently crimson WAS always a type of dye, NOT a type of fabric. *research fail*