Saturday, May 18, 2013


Do you like to read a book in a nook (on your Nook?--hehe)?

When I say "nook," I think cozy, enclosed space. Like a hollow of a tree on a warm summer's morning, the earth still wet with dew. You can smell the grass, can't you? Or inside a Tauntaun...which wouldn't smell quite as nice...

What does this say about your personality? 

*puts on Freudian thinking cap*

Probably that you want to feel secure, like being inside the womb of your mother, whom you are still having issues with...ya?

Or maybe you're into wide open a beach.

Indoor? Outdoor? In public? All alone?

Personally, I can't stand having noise while I'm reading, so I read alone. Indoors, in my room, on my bed...that's how I roll.

What about you? Where can I find YOU reading?

And while I'm at it, what are you reading right now? Anything I should know about?


  1. Fun question! I read wherever I can manage. My top choice is a big comfy chair or couch with blankets and no one to bother me :) I'm currently in the middle of Unexpected by Faith Sullivan and really enjoying it!

  2. Ooh, sounds nice, Meradeth! Enjoy :)