Friday, May 24, 2013

Help Me Name My Characters and Win!

What's in a name?

A lot!

I notice when a name is too long or strange, I'm drawn out of the story and get distracted. On the other hand, not every character can (or should) be named "Bob."

I'm having troubles settling on a name for my female protagonist. The project Y appears in flits between medieval and modern times, the young woman in question being in the 21st century. My male lead's name starts with "M," so I don't want an M-name.

Here's what I can tell you about Y:

Age - 23
Occupation - Student of Greek mythology, fry cook, former nanny
Interests - Judo (in which she just obtained a brown belt), sculpting (she sucks at it), and fencing (foil)
Personality - Strong, feminine, hot temper, and bookish...likes trying everything she's remotely interested in but isn't always good at finishing things

Here's where YOU come in...

Select one favorite from the list of names I provide below, along with a name of your own. The first three people to comment will get a free copy of In a Pickle. The first five people will have a character named after them, supporting or otherwise. And everyone who comments will have my eternal gratitude and a gold star. Ready? Here we go!

- Jasmine (Jazz)
- Celeste (Les)
- Finley (Fin)
- Charlotte (Charlie)
- Clemence (Clem?)
- Felicia

Now, shall we begin?


  1. Please don't name her "Clem"! That sounds like "clam", and raises tons of surprising mental images. :-S

    My vote goes to Celeste (Les). :-) Nice name, nice color ("celeste" in Spanish is "sky blue", it comes from the word "cielo" = "sky").

  2. My vote goes to Charlotte. I've always thought that was such a beautiful name. Besides, Charlie (and Lottie) is a cute nickname!

  3. Dan Mather says he votes for Celeste, but for some reason, I can't get his comment to show...

  4. I like Jasmine, but it's kind of over done. maybe Yasmina?

  5. Bummer...I'm too late Out of your list I like Celeste (because I like Les)

    I would name her Cheyanne and call her Shay

    Good luck...sounds good

    Penny Estelle

  6. From your list, I'd pick Finley (Fin). My personal suggestion would be Samantha (Sam). Good luck with the final name choice. In A Pickle is on my book wish list.

  7. Actually, Penny, you get a free copy as well as kabbw, since Nadine already has a copy, as well as characters named after you :) Email me at for your prize!

    Thanks for the suggestions and comments, guys! Keep 'em comin'!

  8. Susanne, if you could email me, I have something for your as well :)

  9. No interest in winning prizes, just hoping to help :) I know how important names are. I blogged a few times about that, and I can't write about a character properly until I've settled on a name that I think fits.

    For a strong female, the one from your list I like best is Charlotte, but she would definitely go as Charlie.

    One to add to the list for consideration: Fredricka - Fred or Ricky.

  10. Thanks so much for your suggestions/comments, Botanist! Much appreciated.

  11. I'm voting Charlotte too--love Charlie as a nickname :)

  12. Thanks, Meradeth! Why does Blogger keep deleting my posts before I can publish them?!

  13. Celeste was the first name that caught my eye, but it sounds a little too angelic and not fiery enough for your character. How about Clio? Gina?

  14. Chynna - Hmm. Cool names. Will have to consider those. Thanks!