Friday, May 31, 2013

Name Reveal

And the FMC (female main character) of my new project is...

Celeste "Les" Baker!

Thanks for all the help, you guys. Much appreciated. And, now for the additional names in honor of the first five to comment:

Nadine: The hip close friend

Phoenix: Eldest daughter of the king

Dan: Nadine's boyfriend

Penny: Celeste's career counselor at college

Susanne: Youngest daughter of the king

If you were one of the first three to comment and haven't received your copy of In a Pickle yet, please email me:

Next time I need help naming characters, I am definitely going to you guys. I may also have a few questions and prizes in the near future, so stay tuned!

Keep breathing,

Only one month left to help me raise money for Haiti! You may rectify this at once by purchasing a copy of my middle grade novella In a Pickle before or on June 30th, 2013. Every penny I make will go to Greta Home & Academy in Haiti.

Oh, and be sure to pick up a FREE teacher's guide.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Help Me Name My Characters and Win!

What's in a name?

A lot!

I notice when a name is too long or strange, I'm drawn out of the story and get distracted. On the other hand, not every character can (or should) be named "Bob."

I'm having troubles settling on a name for my female protagonist. The project Y appears in flits between medieval and modern times, the young woman in question being in the 21st century. My male lead's name starts with "M," so I don't want an M-name.

Here's what I can tell you about Y:

Age - 23
Occupation - Student of Greek mythology, fry cook, former nanny
Interests - Judo (in which she just obtained a brown belt), sculpting (she sucks at it), and fencing (foil)
Personality - Strong, feminine, hot temper, and bookish...likes trying everything she's remotely interested in but isn't always good at finishing things

Here's where YOU come in...

Select one favorite from the list of names I provide below, along with a name of your own. The first three people to comment will get a free copy of In a Pickle. The first five people will have a character named after them, supporting or otherwise. And everyone who comments will have my eternal gratitude and a gold star. Ready? Here we go!

- Jasmine (Jazz)
- Celeste (Les)
- Finley (Fin)
- Charlotte (Charlie)
- Clemence (Clem?)
- Felicia

Now, shall we begin?

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Do you like to read a book in a nook (on your Nook?--hehe)?

When I say "nook," I think cozy, enclosed space. Like a hollow of a tree on a warm summer's morning, the earth still wet with dew. You can smell the grass, can't you? Or inside a Tauntaun...which wouldn't smell quite as nice...

What does this say about your personality? 

*puts on Freudian thinking cap*

Probably that you want to feel secure, like being inside the womb of your mother, whom you are still having issues with...ya?

Or maybe you're into wide open a beach.

Indoor? Outdoor? In public? All alone?

Personally, I can't stand having noise while I'm reading, so I read alone. Indoors, in my room, on my bed...that's how I roll.

What about you? Where can I find YOU reading?

And while I'm at it, what are you reading right now? Anything I should know about?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Hills are Alive!

This morning, the hills are alive with ukulele artist and singer Kari Maren. Check her music out. Tracks include:

1. Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off
2. Dear George R. R. Martin
3. Have I Mentioned We're All Dead Here?
4. I'm Under Your Bed
5. Voldemort, I Wanna be Like You
6. Superheroine
7. Kids These Days
8. On Valentine's Day
9. Love Song
10. We Protest the Robot Occupation
11.  I Put My Trenchcoat on
12. Sasquatch
13. What Would Batman Do?
14. A Lonely Christmas out Here

My faves are 1, 2, and 13. Much fun :D

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Twins, a Sunday Six

Here are the top six questions people have asked me about being a twin. Get ready for some silliness:

6. "When you were younger, did you ever switch places?"
Never ask a clearly-fraternal twin this question ;)

5. "Do you two dress alike?"
When we were babies, our mom dressed us alike sometimes, since she was given matching outfits...

4. "What's it like being a twin?"
What's it like NOT being a twin?

3. "How are you two different?" <--said p="" sarcastically.="">She's a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock 'n' roll.

2. "Can you both communicate with each other telepathically?"
O.o Yes? o.O


1. "Which one of you is the evil one?"
We're both evil.

Any other twins out there? What was the silliest question YOU'VE been asked?