Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Last Sentence(s) You Wrote

I like to have several projects going on at the same time. Some are on the back-burner (all right, forty are on the back-burner), but I have maybe four that I'm currently juggling. Here are the last sentences I typed on some of them:

I told the voice of reason to go straight to a very hot place. (London Towne

They only had twelve to begin with, after all.  (The Disorderlies)

That he was, in fact, a professional deceiver. (Blink in, Blink out)

Once he had wrapped his finger in a rag, he turned to me and said, “I’m part machine.” (Deus Experimental Division: The God Machine)

"It runs in the family." (Racing Through Time)

What about you other writers? What were some of the last sentences you wrote? Feel free to give context...or you can drop us in the middle of nowhere, like I did ;)

Keep breathing,


  1. Great lines--I'm seriously intrigued by all of them! I have no idea what the last line I wrote was. I've been so deep in revisions that drafting is totally foreign right now :)

  2. Thanks, Meradeth :) I hope the revisions are going well. May the Editor be with you, always!

  3. FUN, Beth! So FUN!! Can I steal this blog post idea? ;)

    Herman didn’t realize how good he had it living on a posh golf course with two parents who loved him and each other. A lot of kids didn’t have that. I didn’t. (MEET KIT--MG WIP, Judy Blume-ish type book)

    She fought the urge to reach across the table and shake Jolee, somehow forcing the truth to come out. If four friends, who’d known one another for so many years, couldn’t be honest with one another, where then could they release all the joy, anguish, and rage that thundered around inside them? (UNTITLED--WIP--CHICK LIT)

    Her fake human body didn’t look nearly as believable as Ryder’s, but it would have to suffice. (NUMBER 25598, YA dystopian)

    Against her will, the sides of Layla’s lips twitched, her treacherous mouth threatening to smile. “I just didn’t expect to see you in there, that’s all.” (THE OUTLANDERS, sequel to THE PROPHECY-- YA Epic High Fantasy)


  4. Hey, Erin! Thanks :) Go right ahead and steal ;) Ooh, my fave's the third one.