Sunday, April 7, 2013

If You Wouldn't Say It in Person...

...don't say it on the Internet!

A lot of times, it's easy to forget that there are real, breathing human beings with feelings on the other side of the screen. Which is why take care and am not...


A troll, in case you are unfamiliar with web lingo, is someone who starts fights or insults people for the mere thrill/pleasure/rush/whatever it gives them. It's a fancier word that masks something darker: BULLY.

A troll is a bully, and a bully is a COWARD.

Do not let people make you think that just because it's said on the web, it doesn't affect anybody. That line of thought makes me sick and worried for my and the next generation. Heck, maybe online bullies know that the typed out words affect others, which makes me feel even sicker.

I've dealt with bullies in my writing, but not on a very deep level. I've dealt with bullies in real life (which includes online, because that's real as well.) Getting spat on for standing up for the "strange" girl. Getting called racist because I stood up for a friend. And one important thing I've learned from those encounters: Stand up for your friends, but don't start a flame war.

A flame war is a war of words. It's where both sides getting nastier and nastier, and it can escalate pretty quickly. Try to use your words to be a peace-maker (as much as possible, be at peace with others.) And report bullying as soon as you seen it. You may feel like a tattle-tale, but you might prevent something very bad from happening.

Lately in the news, I've heard too many horror stories. Please, don't lash out online or in person. Before you type something out, remember what I said:

If you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it on the Internet!


If you wouldn't want it said or done to you, don't say or do it to others.

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