Friday, November 9, 2012

Author Interview: Jo-Anne Russell

Just a fair warning to any of my younger readers: Today's featured author is promoting a horror novel. Now, for the rest of us, sit back and enjoy what Jo-Anne Russell, author of The Nightmare Project, has to say.

Me: Welcome to the blog! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. To start off, tell us a bit about your book.

Jo-Anne: Thank you for having me Beth. The Nightmare Project is a Psychological Horror Thriller and is Book One of the Dangerous Minds Trilogy.

When Julia Montgomery’s mind, body and soul become the rope in a tug-of-war between the living and the dead, there is nothing she wont do for the right side to prevail; if she only knew which side was right.

Beth: Is this your debut work?

Jo-Anne: This is not my debut work per say – but it is my debut novel. Much of my work can be found at my Amazon Author Page here:

Beth: How long did this book take you, from draft one to ready to submit?

Jo-Anne: I actually wrote this book for NaNoWriMo 2010, (National Novel Writing Month,) and I was one of the winners. Although I had an outline, the first draft was completed during the month of November. I self-published the book in 2011, and it was picked up by Muse It Up Publishing in December 2011, and published October 26th, 2012.

Beth: As an author, who has influenced your work the most?

Jo-Anne: There are many writers who have such as King, Bradbury, Poe, Saul, Rice, and V.C Andrews, but I must say it was my family. From my twisted childhood, to my supportive husband and children, they have been my biggest influences.

Me: Random question time: Your main character only has one day left to live. What does s/he do with their remaining time?

Jo-Anne: She would find another body to inhabit.

Me: Here's my favorite question to ask authors: "Do you believe in the dreaded Writer's Block?" If so, how do YOU get past it?

Jo-Anne: I believe writer’s block is a way of “our muse” saying to us that the path our character is on is wrong. It will pass as soon as you discover the right one. I try putting my characters on a path they would not usually take, and that seems to help.

Me: Care to tell us anything about your current work-in-progress?

Jo-Anne: I am currently working on Book Two of the trilogy, along with some short stories.

Me: And last but not least: Do you have any words of wisdom for new and aspiring authors?

Jo-Anne: Write for yourself first. There are a lot of readers out there that will love your work as much as you. Be brave, and explore the taboo. The publishing world changes daily.

Thank you very much Beth, for the interview, and sharing your time with me.

Me: Thank you for the interview! Good luck with your writing career.



About the author: Jo-Anne Russell is a proud HWA member, horror writer, and the publisher at Scarlett River Press. Her twisted and morbid mind is shared with an infinite number of characters from past, present, and future stories.

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