Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Author Interview: Karina Fabian

Today we have Karina, author of  Live and Let Fly, on the blog. Let's get goin'!

Cover art by: Lex Valentine

Me: Welcome to the blog! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. To start off, tell us a bit about your book. 

Karina: How about if I show you?

Me: Is this your debut book?

Karina: Good heavens, no!  Live and Let Fly is the second in the DragonEye, PI series. In addition, I have several other books and series.  My latest book came out in September, I Left My Brains in San Francisco.  This is the second in the Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator series.  (Seems 2012 was a year of seconds!) 

Me: How long did this book take you, from draft one to ready to submit? 

Karina: Less than a year, which is average for me when I’m on a roll writing a book.

Me: As an author, who has influenced your work the most?

Karina: My husband, Rob.  He’s given me security, both financially and in his support of my work.  He’s my idea man, and the first person I turn to when I am stuck or have a question on something.  (The man is a genius.)  He’s also collaborated with me on stories, and co-edited three anthologies with me.

Me: Random question time: Your main character is locked inside a department store overnight and is unable to contact anyone for help. What does s/he do?

Karina: Vern would probably curse his fate, then decide he might as well have fun with it and set himself in a display somewhere where he can most startle the employees who come to open up.  Sister Grace would spend the evening in prayer.

Me: Here's my favorite question to ask authors: "Do you believe in the dreaded Writer's Block?" If so, how do YOU get past it?  

Karina: I don’t.  When I have “block,” it’s either that I’m feeling lazy or intimidated.  The only way to get past that is to sit down and write, giving myself permission to write tripe if I have to, but to get it written so I can make it great.

Me: Care to tell us anything about your current work-in-progress?

Karina: How about the next DragonEye, PI book, Gapman?  I have a lot of fun twisting clichés with the DragonEye books—after all, Faerie are all about cliché—that I am tacking superheroes next.

Ronnie Engleson is a mild-mannered entertainment reporter…until a very bad day on the set of the Faerie play, Captain Extraordinary!  He falls into a vat of magically created toxic waste, gets bitten by a radioactive pixie, then struck by lightning while crossing the Interdimenional Gap—is it any wonder he wakes up with superpowers? A naïve soul whose childhood affair with comic book heroes looks to be a lifelong commitment, he’s determined to use his powers for Truth, Justice, and Good.  Too bad he’s making such a mess of it.

Meanwhile, someone has come to Los Lagos intent on Deceit, Lawlessness, and Evil, as he works to ignite prejudice and resentment between Faerie and Mundane to start an interdimensional war.  Step One on the Diabolical To-Do list is get rid of Vern.  And as if finding a dragonslayer wasn’t enough on Vern’s mind, Sister Grace and Police Chief Capt. Santry have decided Vern should train up their latest superpowered resident.

Can an annoyed dragon and a stubborn superhero diffuse a multidimensional powderkeg when they can’t get along with each other?

Me: And last but not least: Do you have any words of wisdom for new and aspiring authors?

Karina: Write.  Learn the business.  Get critiques.   Edit.  Write some more.

Me: Thanks, Karina!

Karina Fabian: SFF + horror writer & award-winning fantasy humorist, enjoys getting dragons in over their heads.


  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Beth!

  2. Enjoyed the interview. I've had the opportunity to read some of Karina's work and I look forward to reading more of it. I'll be hosting Karina on my blog towards the end of the month for the I Left My Brains in San Francisco book tour.

  3. Great teaser interview, Karina! I hope you'll make fast progress with the third DragonEye book. I loved Live and Let Fly. Great humor. Magic, Mensa & Mayhem is next on my to read list. Then what? So, hurry up. ;-)