Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Twitter Break-Down Break-Dance

What makes a person follow or un-follow you on Twitter? As someone who just followed a good thirty people on that social network, maybe you'd get something out of what I have to say:

^That's the potential follower's/reader's first impression of you. Make it a good one. I'm not saying go have your hair and nails done and buy a whole new wardrobe. The picture's quality is more important. It's more about brightness/darkness and "focus" that get me drawn in. If you have a picture of you and a group of people crammed into that little square, chances are it's going to look like a tiny blur of nonsense. The ones that jumped out as me were close-ups of people, animals, or objects.

The picture should also match your brand, IMO. If you're a serious hardcore romance writer, then I don't know what to think when your pic is of Elmo. Sends a weird message to me.

Bios (or biographies) are a bigger deal than some people might think. I liked the witty ones the most, but some were over-the-top. Be you.

Also, as a writer, I'm trying to look for people who write/review/read my genres. If your age group or genre are not in your bio, I might give you a pass.

When you're previewing a tweeter's account, you see maybe the last three tweets that they did. Since I'm too lazy to click into every single account and then go back, I judge the account's content by those three tweets. If I see a bunch of @ mentions, it's walking into the middle of a conversation, and I don't know what's going on. If there are only links and no description of those links, I assume you are a spammer. If it's all promotional (Buy my book at such and such a place! On sale! Buy NOW!), I yawn and move on.

If you have a good following, I am more likely to think your links are safe to click on. Just a random aside.

What makes me un-follow?

1. Crude/dirty language
2. Rotten attitude towards others
3. TONS of links
4. TONS of buy my book
5. TONS of @'s

Surprisingly, hash tags are not a turn-off to me.

So, to break things down:

- Be yourself
- Choose clear pics
- Variety is good for tweeting
- Mind your last three tweets before you sign off
- Don't be obnoxious

Hope this helps somebody. Now, I'm off to check over my OWN Twitter account...


  1. Hi, Beth! Interesting post. I still haven't added a picture to any of my social media. I know I need to take of that.

  2. Hi, Susanne! Thanks for reading. Have fun finding a pic. I opted for The Cat (my tabby) for Google, though here my pic is a close-up of my face ("Um, really, Beth? I thought it was a foot. D'uh dooy!")