Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miss Overmyer, in the Computer Room, With the Keyboard

I am a murderess—a rather sly one, I might add. Yes, I am willing to put my confession down on paper and on record: I, Elizabeth Ann Overmyer, am a cold-blooded killer.

My computer is full of stories that I strangled and squeezed until the lifeblood came rushing out of every margin. What should I call this vast cemetery, this collection of decaying ideas? “The Living Unread”? Cute, but too interesting. This is not a horror story. A horror story sparks a wild and fiery pain within the breast. All my stories are good for is sparking a wild and fiery…fire within the fireplace. Snap, crackle, pop.

I challenge Holmes to solve any of the murders surrounding my stories. Shy, unassuming me, a professional hit-and-type man. How have I gotten away with so much without suspicion? Let me share my most secret ways with you, though you may already be an experienced story-killer yourself:

1.      Act shocked.

That will keep the suspicion away from yourself: “Really, sir, I have no idea how this story died! I’m just as surprised as anyone.” (Act shocked? Now be honest, aren’t you really?)

2.      Discreetly white-out affairs.

If you’ve been fooling around with another story, take a break before sentencing.

3.      Consistency is very important: make sure you keep repeating the same story.

Say, wasn’t that what got us in trouble in the first place?

Let me see if I might sum up the life of my latest “dearly deleted”; let us call him “Blaine”:

“Dearest Blaine. His name was erased from the great book of life far too early. His memory lingers on—on the back of my ink-stained hand. Blaine was a soft-spoken soul, so soft-spoken that one would have never known that he existed. In fact, where is everybody? Where? This is not right; this is not proper, not at all! What on earth?”

Obituaries should have been written—and with them I could fill almost an entire column. Let me think of how one might have read:

“No Vel VII fell victim to the ink. His servant found him alone on his desktop. Ms. Author tried everything in her power to revive him; but, seeing the plot was taking a bad turn, she phoned a priest, who came in and administered the last writes. The editors pronounced him read on arrival.”

Alas, my poor victims. All I can offer them is a proper resting-place…and more lifeless stories to keep them company.

The above was orignally posted at The Coffee Press Journal, now defunct. All rights reserved by moi.

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