Sunday, July 29, 2012

Author Interviews

Coming this September, I will be posting author interviews. If you have a middle grade or young adult book that is published (or is soon to be published) by MuseItUp Publishing and wish for an interview, please contact me ASAP:

Slots for September are full, but there are still plenty of months left in the year!

ETA - I'm thinking of interviewing non-MuseItUp authors as well. If you have a YA or MG book you'd like to promote that isn't vanity published, feel free to email me. (First come, first served basis.)

Note that each interview is not a personal endorsement. It is a chance for you to promote your work. I'm just the "channel."

Friday, July 27, 2012

Writing Links

For all you writers out there, I present a list of helpful links:

-Critique Circle


-Edit Minion


-The Language Construction Kit


-Behind the Name
-Behind the Name Surnames


-Duotrope Digest


-Quotes About Writing


-Random Book Title Generator


-The Magical World Builder
-Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Am Reading

I finished The Night Circus. Tears were shed, sighs were sighed. It was, overall, a very magical experience. The flaws that I mentioned before? Yeah, what book isn't flawed? But there is no such thing as a perfect diamond. If there were, it wouldn't be worth as much ;)

Oh, and I'm almost finished with Wives and Daughters.

#AmWriting as well. And #AmEditing. Should be #AmSleeping


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Crave Caramel...And Any Other Title That Doesn't Belong Here

Right now I am feeding my starving artist with a cuppa red velvet tea. One word: NOM! The room is quiet, save for the constant whirring of the fan and a/c and the clicking of keys as I type away at a mad rate. *sip* And I still have a sugar-high from reading The Night Circus.

I am 56% through with TNC, and there is so much I am finding wrong:

1. The plot drags (Read: slow going)
2. The romance hasn't been fully introduced yet (misleading book blurb)
3. There are adverbs EVERYWHERE
4. There is A LOT of description

So what do I like--nay, love about this book?

Answer: It is a feast for the senses.

Ever read a book so rich in detail that you find yourself daydreaming about escaping there? TNC does that for me.

Don't expect book reviews here. I just wanted to say that Ms. Morgenstern inspires me to write with more detail and passion for setting. She really knows how to handle atmosphere.

Have you read The Night Circus? If so, what did YOU think? (Spoilers will be taken out and whipped with licorice)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feeding the Starving Artist

Every living thing needs sustenance. Your plants need good soil and water. Your cat needs to be fed and watered. You need to be fed and watered.

But I'm not talking about food today. Well, not food as in something you put in your mouth and ingest. And when I say "starving artist," I'm not asking for hand-outs, rattling my tin, hoping to sell the next novel. No. What I'm talking about is your brain. My brain. The artist's brain.

Like any living thing, it needs to be fed. But:

How do you feed your brain?

Simple: put things in it.

Attend a play.
Listen to an opera.
Tour a museum.

Etc., etc., etc.

Those are just a few ways to feed your artist. But this post isn't about you. It's about me. (I know, how selfish.)

My artist is starving.

Oh, I've been reading. And though my brain is being fed in that way, it hasn't been getting the full food pyramid--bear with me.

Imagine existing on a diet made entirely of chicken nuggets. One girl did this for a number of years. The result? She wound up in the hospital.

I've been reading, but I'm been reading the same genre--or non-genre, if you will--for too long. Man cannot live on Literary alone. That's why I'm going to mix things up and try to read in more genres. But it's not enough to eat. One needs to exercise.

But that's another post.

Suffice it to say that I will be playing. And when I say playing I mean, I mean just that. Time to pull out the finger-paints and let my artist go nuts and be a kid.

...and, no, I won't eat the paint...much, anyway.