Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blurred Lines

You know that moment when you've just woken up, your eyes are glued shut with crud, and everything on your computer screen is blurred? That's not what I'm talking about. The kinds of lines I'm talking about are...not ethical. That's not the word. Moral is perhaps a better word.

I want to know where that line is, where my writing becomes sinful.

Where do I draw the line? When do I take a scene too far in a story, beyond fun to a point where God isn't pleased? I've been flirting with that line lately, and I think I've crossed it.

So I'm pulling back and am going to work on my middle grade project again. For me, that project is well within the lines of moral. It's my moral safe zone, where fun is fun and nothing else.

I'm not holding anyone else to my standards. I don't judge you if you write gore and/or erotica, but those are both lines I personally shouldn't cross. They make me feel yuck inside.


- My foot is on the mend.
-  In a Pickle is coming along swimmingly, probably because I have the nicest content editor to work with :)

Yeah, keep your eyes out for Charlie Pickle of In a Pickle. He's hitting virtual shelves this December from my publisher MuseItUp. (Sorry, I'm too lazy to hunt up a link.) I don't think it's available for pre-order yet, but keep checking. You shouldn't have much trouble finding my book on Muse's site: just look on the drop-down menu of authors for Beth Overmyer. You don't even have to scroll down (yay for a first initial so early in the alphabet!)

And I really should start planning a blog tour. I know Danyelle Leafty and Nayu of Nayu's Reading Corner have approached me about a guest post or something. If you're interested in hosting me, interviewing me, whatevering me, feel free to shoot an email my way:

Just type "Middle Grade - In a Pickle" in your header, and I'll know you're not a spam bot ;)

Ciao, peeps.

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