Monday, May 21, 2012

Good-bye, Emma

Emma, a calico of nearly seventeen years, passed away this morning. When she first showed up at our old house, she was sickly and neglected. We fed her, nourished her back to health, and were rewarded with many purrs and a litter of four kittens!

Two years later, I took her to the fair for 4-H cat judging. Not only did she win a callback for best of show, she helped me win the showmanship trophy. I think I won the trophy because she was so docile. While all the other cats were scratching and biting their owners or growling and hissing at other cats, Emma purred. And purred. I laid her out on her back along my thighs and just petted her. Emma loved her belly rubs.

Emma (short for M&M) was the type of cat that made cat haters love again. A cat hater friend of mine always inquired about how Emma was doing, and had to pet her every time she came over.

I love that cat. Emma will be sorely missed, but I believe there is place in Heaven for all pets. The Lord gives, the Lord takes away... I just hope he gives her plenty of belly rubs!