Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chocolate Wednesday

Dearest, Loveliest Internet

      It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man who fails to unplug the Internet must be in want of a distraction. That being said, the World Wide Web and I have been old friends these last ten years at least.

       As a young girl, we played together, and I devoted hour upon hour to my own amusement. And I fear that Twitter, Critique Circle and email have made me very, very keen to continue in my folly.

      I hate to be harsh on anyone of my profession, but here it is: writers like distractions.  

      Yet it is said that the Web, when you're in need, can be a friend indeed.

       It has been my study to avoid websites that expose my computer to viruses. So I research in places such as Google and Yahoo! Google, when your search phrase is clear, Google will always be in good use. 
      The Web, therefore, is not wholly bad. And in the end, I might not turn out to be any lazier than your average would-be writer.

Kudos to those who knew what book I was referencing ;)

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