Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday on the Links

Here are a few sites that have helped me with writerly things:

Behind the Name - Need a good first name for your characters? This is a great site with a great search engine (by meaning, gender, description, etc.)

Behind the Name Surnames - Not as exhaustive as its sister site, but still a good place to look.

Western Slang & Phrases - Find Old West slang and phrases along with their meanings.

Duotrope Digest - Find markets to submit your work to, keep track of submissions, etc.


  1. These are awesome links! Finding just the right name (and its meaning) is one of the things I love most about starting a new story. :)

  2. Hey, Dani! I like browsing through names and trying them on my characters for size. Right now I'm using my favorite boys' name for my MMC: Tristan.

    I first heard the name in James Herriot's books. Tristan was hilarious! To this day, I think he's one of my top five supporting characters.

    Anyway, just as I took to the character, I took to the name. It's been my favorite since junior high :)

  3. Love those name sites! And I had not heard of the western slang site before. Thank you!