Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting in Shape

No, not physically, though that needs doing as well *cringe* What I'm talking about is getting my writing life in order.

Before December 6th, 2014, I would like to:

-Finish, rewrite, revise and edit LT
-Write and rewrite a query for LT
-Write and rewrite a synopsis for LT

Things I would like to do on a monthy basis:

-Critique at least one short story or chapter on CC

Things I would like to do on a weekly basis:

-Read blog on publishing
-Read at least one chapter of non-fiction

Things I would like to do daily or every-other day:

-Write or edit
-Read one friend's/follower's blog post and comment
-Read at least one chapter of fiction

About everyone's blogs: I'm still very sorry I'm not on top of commenting. I feel bad about that and will try to get my act together soon.

So, that's a brief look at things I want to do. I wonder what areas YOU might be working on improving :) Misery--I mean, friends want company O:)


  1. Hee! Gosh, my list... I don't even want to think about my list. I set some goals for myself in January and I've already discovered that I just don't have the time for one of them right now. I still want to do it though, but maybe I need to figure something else out.

    But, in a perfect world, I would like to:

    Every day:
    write or edit for myself (fiction, or non-fiction NOT for my blog or web site though)
    practice my guitar
    run 3 miles

    Every other day:
    do strength training
    comment on blogs

    blog -- and be at least two weeks ahead of schedule
    write for my site
    take a long run on the weekends

    crit at sff/oww
    take one really long run--10 miles or more

    There's probably more, but that's all i can think of off the top of my head.

  2. :D Those sound like good goals, Kim. I hope you find the time to do them! With me it's finding the motivation that's the problem. I need to light a fire under my butt, 'cause I know no one else is going to, lol!

  3. Self-motivation is the toughest. I find if I don't think about longterm goals too much, but just try to push through on what I can do today, I do better. I've got a list I'm working on, but the primary goal is increasing my speed and volume of writing that I complete and submit. I've got a novel in the works (read: "on the backburner"), but my main focus right now is short stories.

  4. Self motivation is DEFINITELY the toughest. Yes, one day at a time is best.

    Good luck to you!