Friday, February 10, 2012

Dawn Breaks

No, I am not referring to anything remotely Twilight related... but thanks for asking. What I'm actually talking about is the sun on the horizon of a manuscript I'd almost given up for lost. Beyond hope. Ready for the scrap yard. Deader than--well, you get the picture.

LT has been sitting on my desktop for over a year now since it's untimely deployment and helpful rejection. I had a hankering to read the novella again this AM, so I did. And I loved it! ... too much. Murder your darlings, ya know.

I made myself sit down and write out my frustrations on Twitter. I'd been told the plot is hard to define. That struck a chord with me. Yes, I am not TOO close to the manuscript. I can still take criticism on it. Hope! Anyway, Twitter, right. I vented that there was no plot, that my characters run away from everything right to the end. Then good old Abby "Merc" Rustad made a "simple" suggestion: why not have them run towards everything instead?


So, now I've got a goal for my MC, I'm clearer on who the MC is, my antagonist's motives are the same but his means are even more trecherous... Oh, and I've been able to save a lot of the old stuff. Woot! For this round. Un-woot. Next round, we'll see.

That is all!



  1. Hi Beth! It has been forever since I stopped in, though you've been in my reader for a while. This seems like great news! It's great, right? Congratulations!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm very excited :D