Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reading and Writing My Butt off... Oh My!

See what I did there?



I'm now reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King, Shakespeare's poems and sonnets, Ivanhoe, and Sugar Rush by Kimber An. My brain is fried (I first typed "fired." My brain is fired!)

Also, I've been plotting. I love new ideas! But seriously, stop dropping in randomly and demanding attention. Sheesh.

I'm still trying to be patient with myself. Crappy 1st drafts are a MUST. Plotting is GOOD. Attempting to publish after thirty is A VERY GOOD IDEA. I'll have less than three years, but that gives me more time to focus on, you know, the actual writing part. Then, when I reach thirty, I'll probably change it to thirty-five, and so on and so forth. Hey, I know there was an author who wasn't published until their 60s or 70s... or 80s. I cannot recall.

*bats eyelashes*

Buh-bye, Bill!


  1. This sounds lovely! Exactly what a great writer should be doing. :) Good luck!