Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pick a Little, Talk a Little

Since I'm not reading enough (ha ha) I added The Woman in White to my proverbial nightstand... five days ago. I'm about 75% through, and I already am calling it one of my favorite books. It has romance (not much), mystery, adventure, suspense, believable characters, likeable characters, hateable characters, and a neatly woven plot. I'm appreciating it as an artist, but mostly (as it should be) as a reader.

Now, to convince my home theater to put on the stage version of it (written by the author himself.) Or... to endeavor once again to secure a directing position elsewhere*. Those are the questions. I still want to direct Little Women (I found a fab script), but again, no theater. I thought my theatre days were over. Maybe they are. *shrug*

Oh, this is a writing blog. Silly me :P

I haven't been writing too much lately. As you can see from the progress widget in the sidebar, I've managed to surpass 4k on "Blink in, Blink out." Yay me *\o/* I am taking another short break from it all. This break has lasted for a few days. Am I worried? No. Am I itching to write? Not right now. Am I craving chocolate? You'd know something was wrong if I wasn't ;)

Well (or WQuell, as I first typed), I think that's it for now. Just thought I'd let you know that I have not died, but still have the write to remain silent ;)


*Long, frustrating story

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