Monday, September 5, 2011


Music: Twilight mix tape (I'd rather be listening to Dr. Horrible, but he's lost somewhere in my supermassive mound of CDs)

Writing: Deus Experimental Division: God Machine... sort of. I haven't actually written anything this month :-/

Mood: Tense and still a little ticked off from an incident a few days ago

It's the thing I hate about the Internet. No one can read anyone's tone with 100% accuracy. I could be saying "Hey, dude!" and what you hear is "Hi, _____! How are you?" and what I really mean is "Dude, what are you DOING? Back off."

Not that I would actually do the latter--however sorely tempted. I know context in a situation helps, but if you're biased from the Hello and unable to be objective, what good will context do you?

A little background on me: I was raised to believe that "Shut up" was the equivalent of "F you," before I even knew what the F-word was. Yeah, "shut up" just wasn't said under our roof.

Imagine innocent lil' ol' me when in a stressful situation someone snaps at me to "Shut up." In my mind at the time, he might as well have said, "No one wants to hear you talk, b-tch." Now that I'm older and (hopefully) a little wiser, it wouldn't hurt me as much. Honestly, though? Words still hurt.

Now back to context.

If we had been joking around in a light situation, and X had told me in a playful tone to shut up, I might have laughed it off. But his tone was clearly PO'd, and the situation was a tense one.

Then we have the world wide web, where trolls abound as do misunderstandings. You might say one thing, mean it one way, but if I look back at what you've just said, I take it the total opposite.

There are two solutions: people, try to think before you type. Could the person I'm talking to read this wrong? Am I being clear enough? And Beth, yes you, stop taking things so personally.

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