Thursday, July 21, 2011

To the Story That Wouldn't Sell:

So long, farewell
Now get thee in my drawer!
My drawer, my drawer,
I am a novel whore.

Diddly diddly dee
Deedly deedly doo.

Good-bye, small fry
Get thee to a shredder!
A shredder, a shredder,
You ain't gettin' no better!

Googly goggly dee
Goggly googly doo.

I'm glad you're dead
I cannot tell a lie.
You suck, you stink
Now, burn, burn and die!

Dimmily deemily dee
Deemily dimmily doo.

Good bye
Good bye


That's how I feel sometimes. What writer doesn't? This particular flash fic I am writing to and about was more of a joke than a story. Maybe I'll post it on my blog, and we can all have a good laugh... or stare at one another awkwardly and then lie through our teeth.


  1. The drawer option is the best. You may be able to salvage something from it in the future.

  2. Agreed. Who knows? I might add it to a story or a novel someday :)