Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Back!

After some computer woes, I am here! Miss me? 0:) Here's something I wrote while I was "gone":

I'm not in the mood to write. "They" say I should write anyway, despite how I feel. I assume it's the same "They" who tell me to never break the rules, to never write for publication, and to never write what I don't know.

Well, who do "They" think they are?

Definitely not Shakespeare. He'd say something like "Thou cannot avoideth the Plague of the Pen, be it by design or indifference."

Nor could it be Poe. "Writer, I am not mad! Bend and break the rules... I'll bury your body on the floorboards afterwards... Just don't look at me like that!"

Dr. Seuss? "I will not write for print. I will not write for mint. I will not write for published word. To write for print would be absurd!"

There can be only one culprit behind these mindless words that are planted and re-planted in the dark recesses of our brains until we accept them as Truth. The culprit?



  1. Well done, Beth.

    If it's any consolation, I think I have a dose of your Zombitis. I am trying to paint until my words return.