Sunday, May 1, 2011

Awkward Moments

Being the only one to give a standing ovation (happened this past Friday.)

Being the only one to laugh at a joke.

Being the only one NOT to laugh at a joke.

Applauding too soon.

Applauding too late.

Snoring in public.

Drooling on the stranger next to you (strangers no more, eh?)

Pronouncing rendezvous how it looks to an American eye.

Laughing 'til you wet your pants--and you're in your twenties.

Realizing your shirt is inside out... at the end of the evening.

Realizing your fly is down... when the opposite sex points it out.


What's YOUR most awkward moment?


  1. Discovering toilet paper hanging out of your pants ... hours after your last bathroom break

    Being unable to figure out how to post this comment anonymously... ;)

  2. Can't think of one at the moment although I'm sure there have been many. One that hasn't happened yet, would be to find my skirt tucked into my knickers, after afore mentioned bathroom break. I always check, then double check, then check again to make sure it isn't.

  3. @Kim - I laughed SO hard when I read that. You poor thing!

    @Dizzy - Heehee. Yeah, that would be bad. I can top it, though. Tucking most of your skirt in your stockings and... wait for it... not realizing until after you go out on stage... theater in the round. Then fixing it backstage... forgetting there's a camera behind you.

    No one said anything. I like to pretend no one saw a thing >.<

  4. Followed you over here from Help Write Now and I have that dress you're wearing in your profile pic! Okay, not that embarrassing. But still a little weird.

  5. HAHA - Beth you are too much man. I live on Rendezvous Ct - that is an everyday occurance to me. Here's a few more (I wish I was cool enough to do these):

    Calling your new Bo your ex's name - anytime (sometimes are worse than others....)

    Having something green in your teeth all day and not realizing it until you get home - when the hell did I eat broccoli last (oh yeah, yesterday?)

    Getting in an elevator and someone farts (silentely oh course) and everyone starts looking around - Who dealt it?

    Having a surprise party sprung on you with 50 people yelling surprise in your face and you can't stand most of the effer's that showed up.

    I could think of more, but why spoil someone elses response? Awkward.... :-)

  6. @Kate - Cool! Thanks for the follow :) I try to follow back followers, but I'm having trouble finding your blog. Will try again later :)

    The pic was at my sister's wedding last May (a year ago this past Sunday!) I'm glad she picked that dress. It's obviously popular, lol!

    @Laurie - Sweet! Love the broccoli bit(s?) Heehee. Yeck! Ooh, that last one would be a bummer. Good thing none of them happened to you! Almost all of the ones I listed happened to me. Sheesh.