Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Alphabet of Writerly Stupidity

A is for adjectives and adverbs when a stronger noun or verb will do.

B is for bullying book reviewers when they don't like your book.

C is for calling an agent that clearly wants you to email or snail mail.

D is for distracting yourself from writing by writing a blogpost ;)

E is for excessive use of semi-colons.

F is for forgetting to run spellcheck.

G is for groaning over how unfair the Industry is.

H is for head-hopping.

I is for ignoring writers' guidelines.

J is for juggling too many projects.

K is for kindness to your characters.

L is for listening to bad advice

M is for making people believe you're something you're not.

N is for not doing research

O is for opening with a dream sequence every time.

P is for putting down other writers.

Q is for quitting.

R is for run-on sentences.

S is for sending that manuscript off before it's ready.

T is for talking when you should be listening.

U is for under-use of narrative (we don't want to read all dialogue!)

V is for venting in public.

W is for worrying.

X is for xenophobia.

Y is saying Yes when you really want to say No.

Z is for zookeeping, the career you might have gone with, if not for this writing business.


  1. Shouldn't F be for "Forgetting NOT to rely on spellcheck"? All you need now is whimsical little illustrations to go with each letter, and we can all print it out and hang it next to our desks!

  2. It's true that we shouldn't rely on spellcheck alone, but I know someone who doesn't use it all and it's not pretty. As in all things, moderation O:) ... or whatever :)

    You've seen my sketches and you still want me to illustrate? *looks around*

    Oh, dizzzzzy1! Where are you? (She's a great artist.)

  3. "I'm here, but I think you are making me into something I'm not," says she, blushing.

  4. Love these!! B is especially timely nowadays :)


  5. Hey, thanks, Mysti :) Yes, I thought B was very appropriate B-)