Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Takin' It Easy

Hello, gang!

Just a note to say I haven't evaporated into thin air, been abducted... or joined the circus, for that matter...

I am currently on a lovely desert island with no outside connections besides the coconut and bamboo computer a scholarly friend made for me. I need to keep this brief, because the power could go at any time. Or, I should say, that skinny guy's legs could go at any time. He's been pedaling like mad for the last twenty minutes!

Here in my tropical paradise, I've seen all kinds of exotic adverbs and adjectives. Rest assured, I will leave them in their native habitat and not try to smuggle any home in my extensive luggage.

You would not believe the size of those nasty typos. I keep swatting them away, but they're out for blood.

Blank pages abound in silent flocks, and words float around the lagoon like dead ducks. Every time I come near them, though, they take off at top speed, silly dears.

That's how I'm doing. Well, I must go. There are several others vying for this contraption.

Until then,



  1. This conjours up a great picture of you, Beth. Don't desert Bob for too long.

  2. Thanks, Dizzy. I've been around, just lying low on the blog scene :)