Monday, March 21, 2011


You know you sent your first novel query when...

10. Your email has been checked twenty times in the last two minutes
9. Throwing up does not sound like that bad of an idea
8. You could either run circles around the house or *see above*
7. Query Tracker has been added to your Favorites
6. You just checked your email again before reading number seven
5. You keep mistaking heart palpatations for your phone vibrating in your shirt pocket
4. You're already revising your query letter in your head
3. You can't tell if you're tired or about to faint
2. Even your mailman has heard the news
1. Oh, go ahead, stop reading and go check that stupid email, for all I care


  1. 11. You randomly open the said submitted novel and your eyes immediately fall on a typo.

  2. Or worse still, you realise you've sent your private diaries instead of said novel.

  3. Good ones! I know the feeling!

  4. @Krista - Yep. So true. (And just happened.)

    @Dizzy - :-O Oh nos! That would be HORRIBLE!

    @Mysti - Thanks. Isn't it nice not being alone in these things? Misery likes company :-D

  5. Oh God, I obsess enough about it all as it is, querying is just going to take this to a whole new level ...

  6. @Luke - It will, my friend. It will.