Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bad Ideas

- Saving your Word documents generically on a shared computer.
Someone might just think of the same file name and replace your work with theirs.

- Hitting "Auto-Summarize," panicking, hitting "save," and closing the file.

- Eating or drinking over your keyboard.

- Using liquid hand sanitizer over your keyboard.

- Dusting your computer... five years later.

- Clicking on that blinking ad.

- Sticking a mini CD-rom into the floppy drive (who uses those anymore, anyway?)

- Hitting keys that you're unfamiliar with, by accident or design

- Blogging after three in the morning.

These "Bad Ideas" might seem obvious no-no's to you, and you might think them unfunny... They aren't funny. I've done them all! :-O

What are some of your bad ideas?


  1. Bad Idea Numero Uno: Not backing up your work. Ever.

  2. Wow. Yeah, that's about as bad as you can get!

  3. I've committed a variation of the 'panicking and hitting save' mistake, though I believe it was during a university assignment. I handed that one in late, that's for sure.