Thursday, February 3, 2011

Writers are Like Dogs, Not Cats

Writers feed off of praise.
So do dogs.
Cats? "Unless you have catnip behind your back, don't talk to me."

Writers complete complicated tasks. Writing, editing, staying off the Internet...
There are dog shows where dogs heel, sit, and do other tricks.
Ever been to a cat show? "Meeeerrrrowww! I've been sitting on my butt in this cage all day while some jerk in a white coat pokes at me through the bars. Not cool." *SCRATCH*

Writers are constantly learning about and honing their craft.
We've all heard of dog training...
No one ever mentions cat training.

Writers can feel lonely at times because of their job.
Dogs can feel lonely when Master is gone.
Cats? "PARTAYYY! The humans are gone... finally."

Most writers like writing.
Most dogs like begging.
Most cats? They like sleeping. That's about the only thing writers share in common with felines.

If dogs and writers are so much alike, why do cats seem to be the prefurred pet? Opposites attract, I guess :-P

Cats rule and dogs drool... do writers drool, too??


  1. Writers complete complicated tasks. Writing, editing, staying off the Internet...

    Heh, yeah, staying off the Internet, that one's a killer. Funny post! And for the record, I only drool when I've fallen asleep at my desk.

  2. I have trained my cat to sit just outside the kitchen door while I prepare his dinner. I AM PARADOX! (Does this mean I'm not a writer?)

    p.s. this post is adorable.
    p.p.s. drool, yes, drool.

  3. Writers drool when they're burning the midnight oil and fall asleep on their laptops. Hopefully no circuits get fried. I love this post!

  4. @Kim - Anyone have any pics of you asleep at said desk? If this is true, I would love to see some blackmail--I mean, er, pictures 0:)

    @Elizabeth - Awesome! I actually have a cat that does tricks for treats. Most cats, however, are like "Pssh. Leave me the tuna and skedattle."

    @Elena - *snork* Good one!

    Thanks, gals.