Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Does It Snow?

Snow is made when it's cold. We all know this... I hope.

But I want to take things a step further: WHY does it snow? Not the how but the purpose.

Some say snow helps fertilize fields for excellent planting soil. Rubbish. It snows for this one simple reason. Are you ready? I'm ready. The truth is:

It snows to keep writers inside, writing.

Yes, my fellow writers, we are to blame for this icy mess. It's God's and Nature's way of forcing us to do what we do best and often times what we want to do least.

When the weather's great we have excuses like "I need to soak up some vitamin D" or "I need a tan" or "Today's too nice to waste indoors," etc. But when it's chilly and flaky out, we have no excuse.

Cold? Curl up with your laptop. That should thaw out your lap in no time.

Tired? Sleep on your keyboard and sort out the jumbled mess of letters later.

Sneezing? Screens are a breeze to clean with your elbow-patched writerly sleeves.

Bored? Kill someone... in your manuscript, of course.

Telephone line goes out because of heavy icing? Perfect! Now you have no Internet to distract you.

Power line goes out because of strong winds? Pretend to be Laura Ingalls and write by the light of a candle, you big baby.

The list goes ever on and on.

So, yesssss, my preciousssesss: We are to blame for winter. Let's do the write thing and write until our fingers fall off. How else can we make spring come faster?


  1. I wondered why I was managing to get so many little bits of writng done at the moment. We don't have any snow just now, but it is cold, windy and wet.

  2. @Dizzy - Heehee. *hands over a warm blanket... and a parka* Hope you're staying warm and dry!


    Hey, folks! Stay tuned for a blogfest with awesome prizes! Deets soon to follow :-)

  3. Hi Beth,

    I am thinking about the contest, so I will be back for that. Just found you via CC link. "The Velveteen Rabbit" scarred you? I *LOVED* that story as a child! That and "The Tawny, Scrawny Lion" were fav's. TTSL is still in my library, having survived many readings to my children as well.

  4. Hey, jandrewjansen. Thanks for stopping by! I don't know, man, that poor rabbit. From what I remember, he was going to be burned for carrying scarlet fever pathogens or something. All's well that ends well, but I can't help but feel bad for that poor little boy who lost his favorite toy.


    Anyway, good luck with your entry, if you enter! :-)