Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The First Five Days

So far this year I've been good. Then again, we're only five days in. Yeeks.


- Worked on only two writing projects (rewriting London Towne and writing Shift)
- Read one book (To Kill a Mockingbird)
- Started to read a second book (The Count of Monte Cristo)
- Started Alpha reading for a friend
- Raided a not-so-local bookstore because there is not a single bookstore within twenty minutes' traveling distance (horrors!)
- Bench-pressed a twenty pound cat... with my feet! (feel them muscles, baby!)
- Self-dianosed self with ICP (I Cause Paranoia. Long story short: I had a friend and myself convinced that someone had hacked into her Apple account)
- Boldened random words to make people think I meant something important
- Invented the word Boldened

Yeah, man.

What have YOU done? Or not done. I'm not picky.

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