Friday, October 29, 2010

Writing Fiends

We've talked about Super Writers. But what about the villainous side in each of us? You know it. We all have a dark side. Some hold their work up against others far more often than what is healthy. Some limit themselves by refusing to try anything new. Some start sentences with conjunctions... kidding.

Let's look a the darker side of The Writer.

The Riddler - "Riddle me this...

You're somewhat on track
If you can digest:
Take me out somewhat, I'm oft over-used,
But take me out whole, and you won't live."

You're too obscure with your writing. You aim for poetic, but no one knows what the heck you're talking about. (If anyone can discern what the riddle is talking about, I'll write you a bad limerick.)

Magneto - You're very prejudiced. Anyone who doesn't write in your genre is against you... and must be eliminated or brought to subordination (or converted to your genre. You're not too picky.)

Darth Vader - *heavy breathing* Your main focus is to join with the best of the best publishers and together rule the literary galaxy! Hmm. Maybe stop focusing so big and start looking at home. At your children: Your stories/novels/plays/whatever. The writing comes first. Then, together, you can rule the galaxy... NY Bestseller List... whatever.

Some of my favorite villains. What villain do you relate to most and why?

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