Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super Writers!

Mom or dad or waitstaff by day, but by night--and any other precious minutes you can squeeze in--you are a writer.

I think writers are heroes in their own write... right. We might not wear capes--some might. Hey, I don't judge--but we meet deadlines head on; write when we're worn to the bone, ready to cry, ready to burn our manuscripts to pieces (but we don't.) We're an unusually resilient lot. Time and time again we get rejected, yet we send out again. "Please, sir, I want some more" might be our masochistic creed.

Anyway, without further ado I present the Big Three of Writers, the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the elite, the... Well, you get it.

Superman – You are a natural. Writing faster than a speeding bullet, your words are more powerful than a locomotive. It's a nerd, it's insane, it's Super Writer! Frankly, we read your words and wonder if you're human. Stay away from that green thing. What? No, not Kryptonite. Envy! Though your writing's da bomb, you may suffer from ILLS: I Love Lois Syndrome. Read: Wanting What You Can't Have-itis.

Batman – You are all about the gadgets. Spell-check is your Robin. A new computer program or book on writing comes out and you snap it right up. It's a dark night in Gotham—Writers Workshop, that is—when Google docs won't open. Who's the joker who stole your copy of A Thousand Faces? The two-faced son of a typewriter!

Spider-Man – Your writing strength came to you all of a sudden. You weren't writing before, now you're churning out bestsellers. It's like you've got a bug… the writing bug, that is. Not some radioactive spider that bit you and, like, gave you super-mad writing skillz that we all envy or anything.

I hit The Big Three. What Super Writer are you and why?


  1. Hee! Love it! I'm a bit of Superman and a bit of Batman. I *love* Gadgets. (Except for spell check!) I am all about the gadgets. If it's free, I either have it installed, use it frequently, or tried it once or twice. If it's cheap, I probably have it. If it's expensive, I might have it -- I recently bought one piece of expensive software that I wouldn't recommend for everybody but may just be what *I* need. But I'm a little bit Superman too. When the words are they, I write like crazy. Faster than a speeding bullet! And Envy is definitely my kryptonite. Not even envy so much as comparison -- I'll never be as good as [fill in the blank] can stop me dead in my tracks. Fun post!

  2. Hey, Kim! Thanks :) I think I'm Batman. Too many "gadgets," lol!