Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Had Me at Hello: Take One

Is it just me or has this blog turned into a bunch of spoof/spam query letters? What? You think I'm probably procrastinating, putting off something I ought to be doing. Why, not at all O:)

On a side note, look out for random lightning strikes.

I want to play a little game. It's called "You Had Me at Hello." You get the first sentence of a book. That's it. Would these entice you to keep reading? Be honest. Some/one are/is mine, some are not. All are Public Domain (or mine) so we don't have to worry about pesky copyright infringement nastiness and figuring out Fair Use stuff.

Here we go: "You Had Me at Hello"...

- "Edwin wasn't Dead."

- "Sir Walter Elliot, of Kellynch Hall, in Somersetshire, was a man who, for his own amusement, never took up any book but the Baronetage; there he found occupation for an idle hour, and consolation in a distressed one; there his faculties were roused into admiration and respect by contemplating the limited remnant of the earliest patents; there any unwelcome sensations arising from domestic affairs changed naturally into pity and contempt as he turned over the almost endless creations of the last century; and there, if every other leaf was powerless, he could read his own history with an interest which never failed."

- "'Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents,' grumbled Jo, lying on the rug."

- "The Opera ghost really existed."


I'll share my own thoughts later in another post. Bonus points to those who can name the story and the author without Googling.


  1. Awesome!

    #2 is Jane Austen? Persuasion? (Thinking Anne Elliot)
    #3 Lousia May Alcott from Little Women
    #4 Gaston Leraux -eux? Phantom of the Opera