Friday, August 13, 2010

When Query Letters Attack! Take Four

Once upon a midnight query,
I was writing, weak and leery,
For a WiP that I had left to rot inside my drawer.
Suddenly there came a blinking,
And I felt my heart to sinking,
Sinking as it had never sunk before.
'Twas an ad and nothing more.

The blinking then kept to persisting,
And I looked down the long, long listing,
Picked out your name from twenty score.
Your pic looked like a wrinkled raven,
And I thought you'd give my novel haven,
Haven from the world of those sans agent.
So at once I sent out to you my query,
You said that it was weak and weary(some)
And that you had seen 12 dozen of this sort before.
Only this and nothing more.

So here attached is my last query,
And I'm sorry if it makes you weary,
Wearisome as much as you have said before.
Here it is. I offer nothing more: