Saturday, August 28, 2010

Multiple Projects

Here's me going through some pros and cons of working on more than WiP (Work-in-Progress) at a time:

Pro: If you get stuck on one project, you can move on to the next for a little while, and so forth and so on.

Con: You might confuse elements, characters, etc. of one story with another.

Pro: Diversity keeps things interesting.

Con: Jumping from project to project doesn't encourage self-discipline.

In the end, I think it comes down to personal preference. A body's got to chose what works for them, not necessarily what works for someone else.
I'm curious as to what others do and what they think on the matter. Feel free to share and discuss!


  1. I definitely can't write two novels at the same time, but if I'm taking a month off from one, I'll start another, but purely to just get it started and see what I'm dealing with in terms of plot and characters. Anything small (blog posts, contest entries) are always a good break, but an actual novel times two is way too much (besides the fact that my characters get jealous).

  2. Hi Elena! Thanks for sharing how you do things :) I like hearing how other writers go about their work.

    "(besides the fact that my characters get jealous)." *grin* Too funny!