Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Music to My Ears

In my CD player right now: (Steve) Falling Down

When I'm editing, I need silence. When I'm creating, however, I like to play a good CD or listen to my playlist on YouTube.

For my novella Engineered Intuition, I listened to many different things. Here are some songs that inspired me:

- (Thom Yorke) Hearing Damage
Quirky, intense rhythm, muted singing, this song was characterstic of my faves to listen to while writing action scenes:

"I kicked again and again, yet he kept coming, like I hadn't struck him at all."

- (Sherlock Holmes soundtrack) Discombobulate
This one gets my heart pumping. It starts off softly and then BOOM! Good for suspense scenes.

"For the first and, unfortunately, not the last time, I thought I was going to

- (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) Soundtrack
I love the whole CD. Great music. Easy-listening yet hilarious, this soundtrack got me through many, many scenes.

"Welcome to 'ell. The devil is 'ome. Whom might I say is calling?"

- (The Verve) Bittersweet Symphony
I love the strings! Very melancholy yet beautiful. Good for bittersweet or downer scenes ;)

"One day I'm going to grow tired of your questions--which are always the wrong
ones, I might add. One day, Miss Chase… one day you'll drive me to the edge."


... And that's just a small sampling of what I listen to while writing.

Confession: My biggest sources of musical inspiration were the first two Twlight soundtracks.


  1. If there's a plot knot I'm working to untie, I need silence. If the keyboard's crackin', music seems to keep me going.

    Sherlock Holmes: Love that one.

    Alone in the Dark is one of my favorite soundtracks for writing dark scenes.

    Evanescence is a good musical mood maker. And I reach for Hans Zimmer often as well.

    Glad to see you're doing well. I need to visit the forum and post my word counts!

  2. Hey, Joe! Thanks for stopping by :-) I hope you're doing well.

    Hans Zimmer is amazing. I'll have to try some Evanescence. I've heard maybe one song by them (I don't listen to the radio much.)

    Go post those word counts!


  3. Thom Yorke is one of my favorites. When I write I often play a DVD, one of a handful that I have seen so many times that I don't really have to watch it anymore. I just like to have it playing as background.

  4. Hi, Davin. I don't know if I could play a DVD while I'm writing; I'd be too tempted to watch!

  5. I always listen to music that I think my characters would listen to, or reminds me of them when I'm brainstorming. Also, during the whole first section of my WIP, where my MC is lonely and trying to find her place, I played the soundtrack of "Into the Wild" by Eddie Vedder. I'm glad to know others do the same. Amy

  6. Amy - Thanks for stopping by and sharing your method. It's always interesting to see what other writers do :)