Friday, July 23, 2010

Fantasy Fudge: The Recipe


1 Hero (Farmboys are opt.), slightly beaten__1 and 1/2 Quests

1 Dark Lord, divided into 7__25 weird names (i.e. Hrothode, Anwenium)

4 1/2-people__A dash of Dwarves

1 Magical Artifact__A sprinkling of Elves

1 Common Tongue or Common Language


Pre-plot storyline to nth degree.

In Word document, combine slighly beaten hero and 1 part Dark Lord. Add two 1/2-people, and two more if the draft is sticky. Set aside. In separate scene, mention the Magical Artifact with a Common Tongue. Weave into main plot and gently fold in the quests. Name all future story characters weird names. Blend carefully. Add a few dwarves and elves for good measure. Pour all this and the forgotten six parts of the Dark Lord into the final chapter. Serve up to your betas and hope they don't eat you!

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